Suprisingly unsurpising

Watched “The fearless vampire killers” again

And boy, do I love the film, not only for it being… it, being a lovely parody of the vampire films of its time, being funny and hilarious and still working just as well as a serious film, with genuinely scary and sad and touching moments - and damnit I ADORE Abronsius, he is… squeeeeeeeeeeee…

Most of all however I love Herbert. 

Pretty boy vampire, add sparkles and you’d get Edward Cullens more badass twin brother. (however only when he decides to look human. When he’s in full-blown vampire mode he’s downright scary.)

Also he’ gay and obviously smitten with the young male lead, Alfred.

Alfred however is smitten with the female lead Sarah (who in turn has the hots for Herberts father/creator/whatever…) yeah, it’s a bit of a mess here, and soooo adorable for it.

However, a few things struck me with Herbert.

1st: The attraction he feels for Alfred is exactly the same Alfred feels for Sarah, with the main difference that Herbert is less socially awkward and shy about it. (depending on whether you consider attempted neck-biting and blood sucking as socially awkward or not.). He’s in love with him, at first sight. Also he lusts for him (and his blood). Alfred lusts for Sarah. There’s no difference here and both attractions are despicted as equally honest and believable.

2nd: Krolock, Herbert’s dad ships them. Yes, Korlock is a vampire and his morals are not really human anymore (after all, he looks forward sucking Abronsius empty so he’d turn into a vampire to accompany him during the long nights and entertain him with their conversations…), but still. He’s several centuries old and the film is set in Transylvania in the mid- to late 18hundreds. And no, it’s not despicted as them being morally degenerated - not in that case. Krolock actually is happy for his son to have found a potential mate and encourages it. (the moral degeneration kicks in when you realise neither Krolock nor Herbert care for what Alfie might have to say about it. But then again one has to wonder whether they were turned according to their own wishes. Maybe it’s less of a throughout degeneration than a “it might suck at first but later you’ll be grateful and enjoy it”-mentality. Which sucks too but is more born from traditionalism than outright evilness.)

3rd: Herbert himself. As mentioned, he’s a prettyboy, smitten by Alfred, JEALOUS AS FUCK and frankly, take any circle and it would be more straight than Herbert. One could also call him effeminate. So, as I mentioned, his feelings as a gayvampire are just as valid as the feelings of a probably-straight-and-now-quite-confused human. This in and on itself is awesome. Equally awesome is that Herbert is still a fully-blown vampire and as such dangerous as hell. He doesn’t loose a bit. Him being gay and being in love is another facet of him and it doesn’t affect his status as threat. 

In other words, Herbert. ROCKS.

“The dark secret of homosexual society—the one that dares not speak its name—is how many homosexuals first entered into that world through a disturbing seduction or rape or molestation or abuse, and how many of them yearn to get out of the homosexual community and live normally.”

Orson Scott Card, Homosexual “Marriage” and Civilisation.

You sir, are, irrefutably, undeniably, most assuredly, a congregation of odious, contaminated, toxic waste that is the subsequent result of elitist, sexist, misogynistic, racist, homophobic rubbish that is consistently plied upon the shoulders of the general populace.

As Cicero said to Catiline: “For the sake of the survival of the state…be off!” Save us all from the danger you pose Card and leave us be.

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And to how many gays have you actually spoken, sir? I mean, really, really spoken, you know, showing some respect and such, so one might even think of telling you some nasty stories after a while…

Oh, none?

Well, figures.

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"What’s a scandal?" - "It’s silly people being jealous because our uncles are so handsome together."

Lynn Flewelling’s “A casket of souls”. Bless that lady.

And in-story, bless Illia.